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About Us



At Avido Ristorante we aim to serve simple and fresh Italian food in a family-friendly setting.


Avido is the brainchild of chef and owner Sammy Jeon, who discovered his passion for food after moving to Orange in 2009.

Sammy has since opened four restaurants in the premier food and wine region of central west NSW: Mr Sushi King, Orange (opened 2012); Mr Sushi King, Mudgee (2014); Mr Lim Korean/Asian fusion restaurant, Orange (2016); and Avido Ristorante, Orange (2019).

Sammy was inspired to create Avido after dining at Sydney’s famous Italian restaurant, Buon Ricardo: “I had a piece of bruschetta there that was so simple, yet so delicious, I thought ‘I have to do this’.”

When the perfect location became available just around the corner from his existing restaurants in Orange, Sammy said the decision was made: “I’m always looking for new things to do and this just felt like it was meant to be.”


Our Kitchen

We alway keep a very simple menu to produce fresh

and clean flavours. 

Louise who is in charge of Avido's kitchen has a great passion for food. We were so lucky to find someone like him to run it. 

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